Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Miracle: Another AirAsia Disaster Averted..

An AirAsia plane has overshot the runway at an airport in the Philippines, this is the second time this week the huge Asian carrier has been affected this week. 
153 Passengers of the plane rushed to the exits through the plane’s emergency slides.
The incident took place at the Kalibo Airport in Aklan province and the plane was the Airbus A320-216.

One journalist, Damazo-Santos on board the flight, said: ‘Engine was shut immediately, we were told to leave bags, deplane asap. Firetruck was waiting.

Ms Damazo-Santos said: ‘Nobody seems to be hurt. Weather was bad, Plane came to a very abrupt stop.’

The weather was affected by tropical storm Seniang, which has been battering the Philippines for several days.

In a statement AirAsia said: ‘AirAsia Philippines confirms flight Z2 272 from Manila skidded off the Kalibo International Airport runway at 5:43PM upon landing. All 153 passengers and crew were able to disembark safely, no injuries reported.’
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‘All passengers are now at a hotel assisted by AirAsia staff,’ they added.
No injuries where reported as today, The recovery of 40 bodies from the AirAsia crash was reported.

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