Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Falling Oil Prices: Mr Jonathan, Do You REALLY Need Another Aircraft? – MURIC

Muslim group urges President Goodluck Jonathan to lead Nigerians by example and not to buy a new aircraft in the course of the falling oil prices.

It would be recalled that in the recently presented 2015 budget Jonathan asked the National Assembly to approve the purchase of another jet. It is believed that it would be the President’s 4th acquirement of this kind since 2010.

Meanwhile the country leader Sunday called on his People to be prepared for the hardships to be associated with the changes in oil prices.
Reacting to this statement, Muslims Rights Concern (MURIC) stressed the importance for Jonathan to set a good example by sacrifice in order to demonstrate that he is a patriotic leader.

MURIC Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola, was quoted as saying by Vanguard:

“Mr. President is not leading us by example if it is true that he still wants to buy a new aircraft. The presidency has explanations to render to tax-payers if it is also true that the proposed aircraft will be the fourth since he took office in the year 2010.

“Why must President Jonathan buy four aircrafts in four years? Is the president walking his talk?”
They also expressed discontent over the fact that GEJ had N21billion donated for his re-election campaign.

“The presidency also owes Nigerians explanations if it is true that friends and associates donated staggering sums of money amounting to millions at the launching of Mr. President’s campaign fund for the 2015 elections which netted N21 billion.”

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