Thursday, 12 February 2015

Check out the amazing things JJC's do in Bank.. My Observation...

I visited the bank this monday morning and met quite number of people at the bank door so decided to pen down my observation..Enjoy!

1. The trustworthy ones.
This kind of people will enter the door with their hands raised up and their heads bowed down like they have given their life to christ..
People inside will be like ”Oga enter the door has opened. 

2. The impatient ones.
This ones lack patience,they always wished the door will open and close fast..
I was entering the bank the other day. A guy inside started yelling at me.. Do fast
come out nah,when the door hasn't opened yet…. i was like come Jack me come out nah..

3. First timers.
They secretly come with some one in order for them to help operate the ATM machine. And also these ones don't know how to operate the door, some will even think the bank has closed,some will wait for someone to come out before they enter.

4. The suspicious ones.
This ones will have to pull their belt, necklace, wristwatch, bangles, shoes, drop their phones, keys even after much done they would be denied entrance..
The security officer be like ”oga you be welder ?

5.The Experts.
This kind of people frequent the bank and now with idea of how to bypass the security..when they enter the door they would hold out every metal object like keys, phones outside the door until the door makes attempt to close..
When one door closes the other must open. wink

6. The Restless.
This ones will even join someone in entering the door, even when they enter alone they will want to know how many people are inside the bank before the door opens.

7. Questionnaires.
This ones will come to the door and ask questions that one needs to consult the gods before they answer,
questions like..
People full inside bank?
Them they pay inside?
Teller still remain?
The ac dey work?
Have you guys closed for work?
Them dey show match inside?

8. The battle kings.
When there is no one inside the door and coincidentally two people wants to enter from both inside the bank and outside.. They will keep pressing the buttons vigorously like a game pad..
Who the cap fits let him wear.!

Feel free to add yours!

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