Thursday, 25 December 2014

Beverly Osu, Maheeda, others, under fire by angry Facebook and Twitter followers for X-rated Xmas cards.. See Photos

An army of angry Facebook and Twitter followers have matched on Gospel singer Maheeda, ex-Big Brother Africa house mate Beverly Osu and actresses Juliet Ibrahim and Adaora Ukoh for posting X-rated Christmas cards of themselves.

The war of comments have been raging for more than forty eight hours since Maheeda; a Gospel artist released her version of the 2013 Christmas card to her fans; a gift that was immediately word-bombed and hurled back at her. The other celebrities had quickly followed suit with
their cards.

Beverly's Card
The general consensus of the protest is that the latest trend of semi-nude X-mas cards must stop. At the fore front of this battle is notable critique Charles Novia

Maheeda's Version
*Maheeda's version  He tweeted

But a defiant Maheeda has defended herself. She told a reporter “I’m not posting those nude pictures on the internet to teach people to start going naked, I posted them because I felt I am sexy and I love sexuality. In Europe, where I live, at a certain age, parents will start to teach their children about sex education. But it is unfortunate that I came from this part of the world where sentiment is attached to everything. I’m 31 years old and I can’t pretend to behave like a baby or something. I’m sexy and I like it. I’m still spiritually inclined and I have some gospel songs which are not out yet. One of them is Papangolo. Those nude pictures you see is Maheeda. That is me. I am just expressing myself. I’m sexy and I am only appreciating that fact because I love sexuality.

Maheeda’s response has been received with much indignation and the drums of war have heightened. Sources say that family and friends are racing to get her to stop but have so far met brick wall as her resolve remains unshaken.

While the others have remained silent to the angry roar on their walls, their semi-nude pictures have not been taken down. The protesters however believe that the war has been worn.

Until the online siege broke out, it was rumoured that an avalanche of more lingerie clad female celebs especially from Nollywood were planning to get their own Christmas cards posted online … None has since surfaced. Their supporters have cried that these celebrities be left alone but even they may not be able to hear themselves.

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